Mark Alan Anderson, M.Ed. has been experimenting with word and image for the length of his career. His educational research focuses upon the confluence of traditional hand art processes with new and emerging digital medias. Of particular interest is the way in which artistic learning in these merging approaches to design take place, and the influence students have upon one another in a changing environment of artistic learning.

“My artworks are often a pairing of traditional with nontraditional processes, materials, and media. I find myself dissatisfied with a lack of experimentation combining the worlds of digital and handmade art. I am curious to discover what happens when we are invited to explore the qualities of traditional and digital media and choose useful combinations of the two. In considering our world, we are confronted with having to recognize a difference between what one uses to erect a visual construction, versus how one goes about producing a creative form. I explore how the various pieces can fit together. The confluence of traditional hand art processes and digital art-making is a place where I find myself questioning our world, our selves, and our culture in context.”

Books by Mark Alan Anderson

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By Mark Alan Anderson

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