Question Stems

Question starters aligned to the quadrants of the Rigor/Relevance Framework.


 Quadrant A Question Stems

Ask questions to recall facts, make observations, or demonstrate understanding:

What is/are _____?

How many _____?

How do/does _____?

What did you observe _____?

What else can you tell me about _____?

What does it mean _____?

What can you recall _____?

Where did you find that _____?

Who is/was _____?

In what ways _____?

How would you define that in your own terms?

What do/did you notice about this _____?

What do/did you feel/see/hear/smell _____?

What do/did you remember about _____?

What did you find out about _____?


 Quadrant B Question Stems

Ask questions to apply or relate:

How would you do that?

Where will use that knowledge?

How does that relate to your experience?

How can you demonstrate that?

What observations relate to _____?

Where would you locate that information?

Calculate that for _____?

How would you illustrate that?

How would you interpret that?

Who could you interview?

How would you collect that data?

How do you know it works?

Can you show me?

Can you apply what you know to this real-world problem?

How do you make sure it is done correctly?


Quadrant C Question Stems

Ask questions to summarize, analyze, organize, or evaluate:

How are these similar/different?

How is this like _____?

What’s another way we could say/explain/express that?

What do you think are some reasons/causes that _____?

Why did _____ changes occur?

How can you distinguish between _____?

What is a better solution to _____?

How would you defend your position about _____?

What changes to _____would you recommend?

What evidence can you offer?

How do you know?

Which ones do you think belong together?

What things/events lead up to _____?

What is the author�s purpose?


Quadrant D Question Stems

Ask questions to predict, design, or create:

How would you design a _____ to _____?

How would you compose a song about _____?

How would you rewrite the ending to the story?

What would be different today, if that event occurred as _____?

Can you see a possible solution to _____?

How could you teach that to others?

If you had access to all the resources, how would you deal with _____?

How would you devise your own way to deal with _____?

What new and unusual uses would you create for _____?

Can you develop a proposal that would _____?

How would you have handled _____?

How would you do it differently?



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