Use of Anchor Charts

Anchor charts are co-constructed by the teacher and students to record the thinking and classroom discussions that take place. These charts should be available for long periods of time for students to refer back to during their learning. In the past, I refer to these as “Process Graphics,” but I bow to the latest and greatest linguistic changes.

This is an example developed between students and teacher in a high school Drawing course that relates to the initial development of construction line drawings into a more finished contour line drawing:

  1. Step one, begin very lightly and very generally to rough in shapes
  2. Step two, begin to refine the line work but continue to be very, very light, and begin to define specific details… Do not erase construction lines! You may wipe them out slightly with the side of your hand.
  3. Step three, measure and compare! Draw what you see and not what you “know!” Compare one measurement to the measurement on another part of your subject to make sure everything is in context. Compare angles. Compare shapes. CORRECT as you go! Do not shade.
  4. Step four, begin to refine and darken your contour lines. Not everywhere needs to have a contour line. Not all lines  need to be the same weight… Outside lines and lines that are on the bottom should be heavier or thicker or darker than inner lines or lines on the inside.
  5. Step five, compare and correct. Use a paper towel to minimize construction lines that still show.

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