Constructed Value

Constructed Value Assignment

Overview : : This unit will use black and white digital photography as a means for investigating the relationship between chance and intention. Learners will develop a formal monochromatic aesthetic that emphasizes composition and arrangement, while exploring the significance of purposeful manipulation and meaning. Through a process of collaboration, learners will explore an organic process of creative problem-solving, which will include investigations of two- and three-dimensional space; the relationship between applied and distressed surface characteristics with that of projected light, shadow, and media; the effects of time and the visual decisions of group dynamics. As they will in the world that surrounds them, participants will be forced to confront the concept that every personal action has an effect upon the larger group of collaborators.

Logistics : : Participants will engage in photography, handwriting, projections, simple bookmaking, and material manipulations. This lesson will emphasize photographic image and the written word as a connecting thread.

• 7 segments, 90 minutes per segment
• 15 – 25 participants
• Participants should provide their own digital camera, camera card, USB card reader, USB storage device, and rechargeable batteries

Sequence : : Lesson sequencing will utilize Constructivist learning practices of sequentially building upon prior learning. Unit segments will emphasize organic processes of collaborative visual problem-solving.

Segment 1 : : Participants will explore various modes of material manipulations in single, small group, and large group dynamics.

Segment 2 : : Participants will use cameras to isolate and respond to pleasing segments of plain paper constructions.

Segment 3 : : Participants will work collaboratively to create manipulated paper forms. Manipulations will include projections of handwriting and use of text filled paper constructions.

Segment 4 : : Participants will collaborate in a chance development of written narrative (Exquisite Corpse activity.)

Segment 5 : : Making use of text produced through collaboration, participants will develop an image chronology. Participants will consider and respond to subsequent stages of image development; they will further manipulate images by weaving chance-based text into their structure.

Segments 6 – 7 : : Participants will print and manipulate page materials into a book structure.

Participants take home : : Participants will create a CD portfolio of still images and a handmade book.

Resources : : The following resources will be utilized:

• 15 PCs
• Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0
• Internet access
• 2 HP flatbed scanners
• 1 HP LaserJet printer (monochrome), 2 HP color inkjet printers
• 1 data projector

The instructor will also provide the following items:

• Portable hard drive
• 10 USB card readers, tripods, and point-and-shoot digital cameras
• 15 clamp lights
• 2 photo lighting kits and backdrops
• Opaque projector

Supplies : : The following supplies are required:

• 2 spindles of 100 blank CD-R disks
• 4 reams of copy paper
• Large stack of newspaper and magazines
• 10 large bottles of Elmer’s white glue
• 1 roll of white drawing paper (from inventory)
• 15 X-Acto knives and a box of 100 replacement blades
• 10 sheets of cardboard (approximately 20 x 30 or larger, to use as a cutting surface) or 3 cutting mats
• 30 sheets of chipboard (approximately 20 x 30 or larger)
• 15 pairs of scissors
• Skeins of various colored yarn
• 10 60-watt light bulbs
• 5 rolls of paper towels


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