Creating Digital Artist Portfolios: An Art Educator Workshop

Do you find the digital world daunting? In this workshop you’ll use a variety of digital tools to generate student portfolios that meet the needs of twenty-first century learning. We’ll learn to photograph, crop, and digitally color correct two- and three-dimensional artworks; we’ll use fee online services to store and display images; we’ll discuss the best ways to organize, publish, and distribute digital portfolios. We’ll also discuss how iPhones, iPads, VoiceThread, Flickr, blogs, and other tools fit into the curricular planning for your art room, as well as how to use portfolios for student growth and feedback. Following the workshop, you’ll create a portfolio exemplar to share with your students. Strategies and techniques introduced are geared toward AP courses and college-bound students, but will translate well into all classroom levels, from K-12.

Course Agenda:

  • Friday evening – Meet and greet, introduction to digital medias and tools, the “cloud”, “The Portfolio: a final product or an ongoing work in progress?”
  • Saturday – Photographing artworks, digitally correcting images, archiving images, thoughts around organizing images for others to view, building your own light box
  • Sunday – Online medias, creating online galleries, creating high-quality books


 Learning Goals:

  • Demonstrate effective use of digital photographic media and digital imaging tools.
  • Use digital imaging and online tools to organize art portfolios.
  • Communicate ideas about how to effectively and appropriately incorporate digital portfolios into one’s own curriculum.


  • Understanding and applying media, techniques and processes. Participants will develop and expand their knowledge of digital visual arts media, techniques, and processes in order to present artworks to an audience [40%]
  • Engages in behaviors that promote learning. Participants demonstrate proficiency and craftsmanship; actively engages in all learning activities; contributes to a positive learning environment; utilizes problem-solving strategies; works in collaboration when appropriate; and follows art room expectations and procedures. [10%]
  • Final Assignment. Students will create an exemplar of a digital portfolio and develop a five question survey. Have at least five people review the portfolio and complete the survey, the point being to use this action research to inform choices and decisions about the further development of the portfolio. A summary of the survey results and a link to the digital portfolio will be submitted by email, no later than two weeks from the conclusion of workshop. [50%]

Curriculum Connections:

  • Strand V: Product/Performance, 1A: Historical and Cultural Contexts: Select artworks that align with portfolio development, National Standards VA4, Show-Me Standards FA5
  • CCSS W.11-12.6: Use technology, including the Internet, to produce, publish, and update individual or shared writing products in response to ongoing feedback, including new arguments or information.
  • CCSS W.11-12.5: Make strategic use of digital media in presentations to enhance understandings of findings, reasoning, and evidence to add interest.

Supply List

PLEASE NOTE: Classes are held contingent on a minimum enrollment, which is determined five business days prior to the class start date. As a class may be cancelled, we recommend that you do not open or use your materials until at least two days prior to your class start date. This way, you are free to return your merchandise without problem. Students will be contacted only if a class is cancelled.

Student Supply List

  • Bring a range of artworks, including both two-dimensional and three-dimensional works (try to bring smaller 3D works in the range of 8 x 8 x 8 or smaller.)
  • A digital camera, card, card reader, and a flash drive
  • Optional: iPhone, iPad, and any other digital tool that interests you.

I’ll bring lighting, light box, and my camera for demonstration and your use.



(This page will be updated once the workshop has been completed. I’ll be adding links from workshop participants and an overview of the entire three-day workshop.)

Click here to download a printable file of the Color Correction Strip.





How to Create a Portfolio with Evernote (Education Series) – Evernote Blog

FolioSpaces free ePortfolio – 2GB free storage – free institutional hosting – teachers – students – school – college

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Free Technology for Teachers: Three Good Options for Creating Digital Portfolios

Carbonmade – Your online portfolio.

Using WordPress-for-E-Portfolios.pdf


Participant Portfolios and Survey Results

(To be added once participants have submitted their work)




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