Pinhole Photography: An Art Educator Workshop

In this day of digital perfection and software correction the ‘Pin-hole’ camera is a breath of fresh air and a superb tool to consider using on your next photographic assignment. Pinhole Photography is both a great way to learn about the principles of light and cameras as well as a magical way to make unique photo images. In this hands-on workshop you’ll experience the magic of pinhole photography by making your own camera, which you’ll use to shoot and process black and whit paper negatives and contact prints. Strategies and techniques introduced are geared toward introducing both the art and science to K-12 classrooms.

Course Agenda:

  • Friday evening – Meet and greet, history and principles of pinhole photography, basic pinhole construction.
  • Saturday – Finish your camera, how and what to shoot, trying it out, what subject matter and light works best?, exposure time and trouble shooting, darkroom processing, contact printing, fine tuning exposures.
  • Sunday – Fine tuning exposures, digital connections, displaying the work.

Learning Goals:

  • Demonstrate craftsmanship in the construction of a pinhole camera.
  • Use a pinhole camera to correctly expose paper negatives.
  • Use a darkroom to develop paper negatives and make contact print positives.
  • Communicate ideas about how to effectively and appropriately incorporate pinhole photography into one’s own curriculum.


  • Understanding and applying media, techniques and processes. Participants will develop and expand their knowledge of pinhole camera construction and photography exposure and printing techniques. [40%]
  • Engages in behaviors that promote learning. Participants demonstrate proficiency and craftsmanship; actively engages in all learning activities; contributes to a positive learning environment; utilizes problem-solving strategies; works in collaboration when appropriate; and follows art room expectations and procedures. [10%]
  • Final Assignment. Students will write a standards-based lesson, translating learning from this workshop into a lesson appropriate for use in their own classroom. Lesson and exemplars will be submitted digitally, no later than two weeks from the conclusion of workshop. [50%]

Supply List

 PLEASE NOTE: Classes are held contingent on a minimum enrollment, which is determined five business days prior to the class start date. As a class may be cancelled, we recommend that you do not open or use your materials until at least two days prior to your class start date. This way, you are free to return your merchandise without problem. Students will be contacted only if a class is cancelled.

Student Supply List

  • Oatmeal container (empty)
  • If you’d like to try other kinds of camera construction, literally any light tight box or container can be used. So feel free to bring along some alternatives also!
  • Clothes pin
  • Sewing needle
  • Good quality scissors
  • Soda pop can (clean and empty)
  • Can of matte black spray paint
  • Masking tape (if you can find black, it’s perfect!)
  • Small package of 8 x 10 black and white resin-coated photographic print paper
  • Ruler
  • Craft knife or X-Acto knife
  • Pencils
  • Sheets of old newspaper
  • Cutting matt (optional)

 KCAI will provide darkroom and chemistry.


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