Understands and applies media, techniques, and processes: Effectively uses a variety of subject matter, tools, media, and techniques to visually communicate ideas in artworks

Foundation Drawing. Shapes are proportionally accurate and believable; all elements are designed to work within the 10 x 8 inch motif; student takes design principles into consideration to create an expressive composition.  BB   |   B   |   P   |   M

Technique. Student demonstrates proficiency using pen and ink to create the illusion of space, shape, and values. Student makes effective use of drawing media and surface. BB   |   B   |   P   |   M

Value. Values represent a full range of lights and darks, shapes are determined by values, not by outlines – dark outlines do not exist around objects. BB   |   B   |   P   |   M

Craftsmanship. Student demonstrates a high level of craftsmanship; artwork is neat and correctly sized; no smudges or folds are evident. BB   |   B   |   P   |   M

Narrative. Student uses the language of art, representation, and visual symbolism to communicate critical elements of a story. BB   |   B   |   P   |   M

Engages in behaviors that promote learning: Demonstrates proficiency and craftsmanship; actively engages in all learning activities; contributes to a positive learning environment; utilizes problem-solving strategies; and follows art room expectations and procedures

Learning Behaviors. Student follows instructions and engages in all learning activities; works in collaboration with peers, persists and follows through, using all studio time productively without distraction to others. BB   |   B   |   P   |   M



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