iPad lesson ideas

How to animate and apps

Why art matters to ME…

Andy Goldsworthy inspired lesson

Ink Blot Monsters (potentially sooooo cool!)

What is abstract art?

Elements of Art

Manual Photography

Type:Rider – The Final Fontasy” of video games, encourages players to learn about type by exploring a world of fonts, Mario-style.

Arts-Integrated Lesson Ideas.

STEM to STEAM cards. Initially conceived at the “Bridging STEM to STEAM” conference at the Rhode Island School of Design, these exercises communicate the value of bridging the fields of art / design, and science. The exercises offer routes to cross professional boundaries by encouraging people to communicate ideas in unconventional ways.

Exploratree. Use our free online library of thinking guides. Print them out or fill in and complete your project on the exploratree website. Build up a personal portfolio of useful thinking guides. Change or customize them using images, text and shapes

Arts-Integrated teaching (see Lessons tab)

Poe’s Black Cat Strategy for Student Engagement.


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