Other articles

The Becoming Art Teacher: A reconciliation of teacher identity and the dance of teaching art, Unrath, Anderson & Franco. This two-year University of Missouri Columbia research study investigates themes of personal and professional development in emergent art teachers. Fall 2013 at Visual Arts Research, University of Illinois Press, no link available.

Investigating Children’s Drawing and Development in Art. By examining children’s drawings, art educators can clarify intention and instruction. Link here.

What Happens When We Make Art? Do humans create unique artifacts of existence as a result of hardwired life patterns? Link here.

Ken Aptekar: Autobiographical Artworks. Artist Ken Aptekar explores memory through words said. Link here.

Moveable Murals. Public art exists for a variety of reasons ­ expressions of remembrance, contemplation of place, and celebration of identity. And while usually impressive in scale, such works are typically fixed and stationary, their permanent nature leaving little room for dynamic structure or form. Students chose to question the nature of such artworks in a project called “Moveable Murals.” Link here.

Autobiographical Artworks: Digitally Projected Identities. What makes you who you are? What makes you you? This article outlines a series of lessons that explore personal and cultural identity in which artmakers are informed by visual culture. Link here.

Visual Design Connections: Technology and the Artist’s Hand. Computers are powerful and seductive tools for student artmakers. How do we uncover evidence of the “artist’s hand” in digitally created artworks? Link here.

Shooting in a Timewarp. A philosophical photographic travelogue of Paris. Link here.

History in the Remaking. Artisans along the Missouri River hone nearly forgotten skills in the “not-so-lost” arts. Link here.

Why teach art? Link here.


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